Preparation for a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment

You naturally wish to present yourself in the best light during a presentation. It is therefore essential to be as relaxed, rested and genuine as possible.

The best preparation is – not to prepare yourself too much. You can read up on this but Hüffer Top Executive Assessments are nevertheless different from standard ones and you may pick up tips that need not necessarily apply to our assessments. This might lead you to proceed on the basis of false assumptions.

Nor is it necessary, since you should be as genuine as possible. Our assessors can see through façades – after a couple of hours at the very latest. Those attempting to portray themselves as being different or better than they really are also reveal that they possibly do not have that great a feeling of self-esteem. In addition, they attempt to supplement their personal image with characteristics that are recognizable as ideals. Our explicit request: present yourself as you are and act as you would normally do in your everyday work to the best of your ability.

From an organizational standpoint, it should be noted that you should be well-rested at the start of a long assessment day. Arrive on time on the previous day, spend a quiet evening and enjoy a long, restful sleep.