Unique added value with specifically tailored coaching

One thing can already be said: Hüffer Top Executive Coaching will also exceed your expectations.

To ensure this, we have sound scientific results, resulting from the findings of more than 1,000 personally managed executive coachings and have invested many years of work and testing for the specific development of coaching content for individual management levels. Continuously, because the demands on senior executives change rapidly and require constant adaptation.

The results are impressive – and are used by top executives and executive levels in major, medium-sized companies and international corporations. Hardly surprising because such scientifically based coaching as specified for practice at the different top executive levels is difficult to find.

The benefits of Hüffer Top Executive coaching for the client company can be summarised as follows:

  • Gain in management and decision quality
  • Thinking and acting as entrepreneurs facilitates decision-making and speed
  • Conscious understanding, optimising and strengths of own personality
  • Greater acceptance of leadership in committees, with peers and employees
  • Significant increase in assertiveness
  • Optimised performance while reducing personal energy use
  • More effective cooperation while waiving unsustainable practices
  • Improvement of corporate culture
  • Employee retention, lower staff fluctuation
  • Optimisation of onboarding

For participants themselves, Hüffer Top Executive Coaching provides the following advantages, with even more individual personal effects added:

  • An honest and discreet sparring partner, consultant and trainer at eye level – this creates perceived security and strengthens the positioning
  • Individual coaching appropriate to position and requirements instead of “off-the-peg coaching”
  • Reflection of needs, situations, challenges, thoughts and alternative actions
  • Realistic assessment of their own personality
  • Structured solution-oriented thinking and acting
  • Consequences of decisions can be assessed
  • Gain in management expertise and quality
  • Optimising and strengthening their own personality
  • Greater acceptance among associates, colleagues, executives thanks to confident communication, assertive approach, …
  • Improved performance with better assertiveness
  • Harmonised cooperation with the board of directors or supervisory board, committee members, executive board, …
  • Simplification of onboarding and in terms of business conditions, structures, …

At all top levels of management, Hüffer Top Executive Coaching is an effective tool for strengthening the person and position concerned in the context of highly individual corporate circumstances.