Hüffer Top Executive Coaching

Top executives face very specific challenges at every management level. They often master these well yet, at the same time, they have great respect for the major level of difficulty that confronts them and repeatedly identify new opportunities and development potential for their company, which they wish to exploit.

While a Top Executive Assessment records existing leadership qualities, a Hüffer Top Executive Coaching session targets development and promotion. This combination results in a highly effective approach. Coaching can thus get straight to the point and become effective right from the start.

Who uses Hüffer Top Executive Coaching?

  • Top executives who want to work on the unique characteristics of their personality and their specific core competence and appreciate having a sparring partner, consultant or coach who takes them further
  • Development candidates and hopefuls, who are to be prepared for further assignments in a targeted manner
  • Proven top performers who wish to take on even more significant tasks and reflect on and increase their management skills for the new context
  • Achievers who have additional responsibility assigned to them
  • Future top executives in companies who have to adjust to coming requirements, structures and expectations and want to become familiar with rules and conditions in the top league.

Expectations of top executives have never been higher and more complex than they are today. Dealing with enormous budget responsibilities, erratic scenarios and constantly climbing targets are all part of everyday life for our clients. The answer lies in the appropriate handling within the leadership group, meeting expectations that are sometimes not openly expressed and gradually growing into the mentality of an independent pacemaker. This demands a strong ability to anticipate and consummate expertise in setting priorities. This requires mature personality traits with weaknesses soberly identified, yet, on the other hand, very distinctive qualities such as communication behaviour that sets the tone, persuasive leadership qualities and much more: aplomb, effortlessness, self-assured appearance and manner, naturalness, composure, self-confidence, the willingness to take risks, drive, vision as well as a basically optimistic attitude. Mental independence, decisiveness, natural authority, enforcement and responsibility go hand in hand with trust, reliability and the creation of added value.

Hüffer Top Executive Coaching assists companies to develop the personalities and competences of their key players – in a targeted, specific manner – through to the achievement of their business model and implementation of their business plans.

With the simultaneous coaching of several top executives, companies have superb opportunities to substantially improve the quality of cooperation at executive level and enhance their performance capacity with their existing management staff.