Contents of Hüffer Top Executive Coaching

The level-specific content of Hüffer Top Executive Coaching is probably unique and account for the success of the coaching services. Each management level brings new challenges, therefore each level and role merits very specific coaching.

Basically speaking, the company and the executive member of staff to be coached (participant) determine the goals of the coaching session – processes and methods are then derived from these goals. Often there are no specific “building sites”, but simply a desire for a renewed round-off of a manager’s own qualities or a consistently proactive approach to reaching the top with even greater confidence. Usually, these necessary steps are found out during a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment: where there is potential for development or an obvious need is present, this is the starting point in coaching. This also includes the recommendations for development made by an immediate superior. Here, coaching is definitely a sign of strength – only by self-development can the next level be mastered, reached without damage and success assured evaluated in terms of business for the company.

Specifically, it is always a matter of standing the test at the current position and mastering the following areas or how these can be addressed by each person, according to their personality:

Personality aspects

  • Trustworthiness
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Resilience
  • Dynamism
  • Countering hostility
  • Managing without fouls

Emotional quality

  • Assertiveness: implementing and standing firm (able to “stand the heat”);
  • Leading: decisiveness (standing up for one’s own opinion clearly, directly and consistently) and developing authority by means of straightforwardness and a sense of proportion
  • Communicating: confidence in discussions, statements, negotiations and presentations
  • Integrating: getting backed up by company and people

Cognitive quality

  • Solving & deciding: mental independence, rational and emotional superiority and originality in finding solutions
  • Planning & organising: concept of plan, structure and organization; establishing a supportive form of control; executing and achieving

There is not always a clear right or wrong in this but an entirely independent equation for leadership work develops with which convincing results can be achieved: an effect resulting from individual thought and action on behalf of bodies, company and market … – not least thereby the starting point for the coachee can be accurately determined according to management level:


Coaching contents vary according to the context of each level, position (CEO, CxO, executives), the company and its business model.

Thanks to specialising in top executives at three management levels (CEO, CxO and executives), Hüffer AG is able to offer highly specific and appropriate coaching at participants’ level. We understand the business setting just as well as the demanding scenarios that top executives are faced with on a daily basis. It is not just a matter of completing tasks but about managing complexity, people and networks and the achievement of acceptance. It is not merely about work, discipline and performance, but about seizing opportunities, affinity, exerting influence and the support gained from this. It is not just about speed, but about intentionality, confidence, composure and fulfilment …

Let us know the reason for your need for coaching and let’s talk about the specific content and concerns! If the parties agree on the objectives and content, then the coach can add his ideally matched methods and the basis for effective coaching can be created.