Branch-related expertise creates added value

The demands made by companies on their top executives in various branches of business could hardly be more different.

For example, a manager with a financial services company should have quite different personality traits from his colleague working for a consumer goods manufacturer or in industry. Even if an experienced, generally-oriented executive can perhaps adapt quickly, one branch of business will demand more operational orientation than one where the focus is possibly more on strategy. Corporate cultures in companies in the same business branch are also frequently different. This is because companies emphasize their individuality when competing for customers and position themselves as complementing each other.

Particularly when recruiting and onboarding new managers, it is not only vital in a Top Executive Assessment to take the company-related demands and the existing corporate culture into account, but also to evaluate or develop and contrast the specific requirements of the branch with the candidate’s skills and personality characteristics. Hüffer AG has an above-average level of experience in the following business branches

and, alongside its existing specialisation in top executives, can integrate its specific business expertise into the assessment and development of management executives.