Branch focus: Service providers

The service sector is the leading branch of employment in Europe, acccounting more than 70 percent of all employees and is considered to be the future and growth branch par excellence.

One of the main tasks faced by top executives appears to be the international and global positioning of generally strong national brands. In addition, services are even easier and quicker to imitate than investment goods, for example, and therefore require companies and personalities that can act and react fast and flexibly.

It is vital that top executives in the service provider industry enjoy making decisions and have the ability to quickly adapt the entire company to meet new demands. The following companies are just some of those that rely on Hüffer AG:

  • Abegglen Management Partners AG
  • ESPRiT Consulting AG
  • Handelskammer Deutschland-Schweiz
  • Hotelplan AG / M-Travel
  • Schweizerischer Arbeitgeberverband
  • SF Schweizer Fernsehen
  • trivadis AG
  • TUI Suisse
  • Usego AG
  • As well as many other Financial services providers