Perfection by concentration

Our assessments and coaching programmes have two features that underscore the special quality of our services:

Specialising in top executives.

Focussing on the most senior management levels in companies results in highly individual assessments and specially defined observation and evaluation methods, which lead to results of exceptional quality and reliability. These can seamlessly transition to a development programme by means of coaching.

Candidates for management board or executive positions, area managers, sales directors or other key posts must demonstrate different characteristics to those of managers at second and third management levels. Standard assessments and coachings cannot satisfy these particular demands, which is why Hüffer AG drafted the specific requirement profiles for the first batch of successful companies and adapted its assessments and coaching sessions accordingly over the course of many years and in close cooperation with market leaders.

In the German-speaking area, only Hüffer AG can offer you this unique focus on the top executive segment since we work exclusively with this group of people and thus have the most comprehensive insight into their requirements.

Interdisciplinary competences.

A combination of psychological and business expertise provides an extended and thus more accurate and complete appraisal of candidates, which leads to significantly better results where assessment and coaching are concerned.

Dependent on a company’s requirement profile and the position to be filled, a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment therefore consists of an individually selected team of two assessors. A business psychologist as well as an experienced, top-level business practitioner (e.g. a former CEO, CFO, CSO or managing director) with additional training/studies in industrial psychology are generally used for this purpose. Hüffer AG thus ensures that a candidate’s competences (professional, entrepreneurial, cultural, team suitability, etc.) can be noted and evaluated alongside their standard behavioural and personality features. Specific risk areas are also taken into account with prevention in mind. A clear distinction is made between people who act constructively and those who act destructively, without losing sight of the benefits.

Since a top executive’s everyday routine frequently consists of dealing with international partners, it is essential to assess intercultural skills. Hüffer AG therefore uses not only a native speaker as an assessor but also one with a foreign language that is widespread in the business world and a foreign cultural background where appropriate. While the interactive exercises in the assessment are conducted directly in German, English, French or Spanish, an experienced and certified interpreter is used for other languages. For reasons of fairness and accuracy, ability tests are always conducted in the candidate’s main language. We can offer more than 30 test languages and the corresponding comparison standards at top management level for the most important industrial countries.

Hüffer Top Executive Coaching sessions are conducted by an experienced business psychologist with experience gained in more than 1,000 completed coachings and decades of experience in the business world. We can also include a specialist coach from our ranks: for example, an experienced CFO will accompany a newly-appointed CFO, alternating with the business psychologist in line with the “four-eyes principle”.