Research & teaching by Hüffer AG

Constant research in collaboration with renowned universities and colleges on the topic of “management qualities” leads to constant improvements in assessment ability and accuracy in Hüffer Top Executive Assessments and Coaching.


Hüffer AG is involved in the following projects:

Psychological Institute of the University of Zurich: Together with Prof. Damian Läge at the University of Zurich, Hüffer AG is researching into the demands made on middle and upper management. [Publications by Prof. Läge]

Military academy (MILAK) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich: In collaboration with Dr. Hubert Annen (lecturer for military psychology and military pedagogics), Hüffer AG is conducting a study of the comparison of managers and leading professional officers. [Publications by Dr. Annen]

Under the professorship of Prof. Klaus Jonas and Prof. Martin Kleinmann, Dr. Leopold H. Hüffer is also an associate lecturer at the University of Zurich for assessments, coaching and business consultancy. [Publications by Prof. Jonas, publications Prof. Kleinmann]

In addition, Dr. Leopold H. Hüffer is a sought-after speaker at congresses and other events.