Hüffer Top Executive Assessments: Procedure and Contents

Hüffer Top Executive Assessments are subdivided into nine stages, which ensure the exceptionally high quality of both the implementation and the result:

1. Organizational planning

Coordinating the appointment with company and candidate
Full information for the candidate
Official invitation to the candidate or confirmation of the scheduled date

2. Completion of online questionnaires

Immediately after an appointment has been scheduled, the candidate is requested to complete online questionnaires (takes approx. 90 – 120 minutes). This enables us to arrange the Hüffer Top Executive Assessment specifically around the issue, the candidate and his personal characteristics.

3. Definition of the requirement profile

This stage lays the foundation for implementing the Top Executive Assessment and for the quality of the result. In this stage, Hüffer AG in cooperation with the client company makes a thorough analysis of the various facets of the requirement profile: job specification, company requirements, corporate culture, type of person …
In addition, the questions to be specifically answered in the final report are agreed upon with the company as is the way the results are structured. This enables the company to make a clear decision.


4. Assessment planning: methods and team

Based on the requirement profile, Hüffer AG then defines the exercises, methods and tools to be used in the Top Executive Assessment that will enable the appraisal to be made.
In addition, an individual team of business psychologists or former line managers specializing in assessments is put together to evaluate the candidate in line with requirements regarding the company, corporate culture, position and personal skills.

5. Conducting a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment

An assessment takes a whole day and is usually held in Zurich in the conference rooms of Hüffer AG. The professional infrastructure available ensures an undisturbed, smooth-running and confidential assessment (Methods) as well as fast evaluation (stage 6) with benchmarking.

6. Interpretation of the exercises, compiling the evaluation

The accurate and detailed interpretation of the exercises, tools and tests demands a lot of experience, professional expertise and time for the assessors to think about and discuss the issue together. Alongside a thorough evaluation of, among other things, seven areas of competence (e.g. integrating, leadership, assertiveness, presenting, problem solving and deciding, planning and organizing, personality aspects), an estimation must also be made as to whether and to what extent a person will fit in with the client’s team and corporate culture and whether and how the person can provide the impulses they require.

7. Compiling the final assessment report

The assessment report not only contains a thorough description of the individual areas of competence but also a specific recommendation in terms of the company’s issue. Irrespective of whether a person is recommended, recommended with reservations or not recommended for the future job, we explain to them how they can continue and shape their professional career. No matter what the result, we do not leave your candidates to their own devices but show them sustainable and feasible ways of pursuing their career.

8. Feedback discussion on the assessment report, submission of results

On the morning after the assessment day, candidates are given a thorough and detailed presentation of the assessment report and the results, which takes around two and a half hours. This also includes an in-depth discussion with a comparison of the candidate’s self-perception and outsider’s perception and a detailed discussion of the contents. The report is submitted to the client immediately after the feedback session.

9. Compiling the portfolio

When several people from a company have attended Hüffer Top Executive Assessments, we compile a seven-field portfolio matrix to make it easier for those responsible in the company to plan further procedure in the development of individuals and groups of people.

Increasing numbers of companies are putting their trust in the nine stages of a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment since their experience has revealed that an assessment produces very specific and accurate analyses. The results ensure that a company is counting on the right people and can further develop them to the best possible degree.