What other people say about our services

Satisfied customers who continue to be delighted with our work throughout the years are the best commendation, confirming that the work we do always goes beyond the usual scope with a high degree of precision and perfection.

We never lose sight of our objective, which is to create genuine customer benefits that turn into lasting success for our clients thanks to the right choice and positioning of staff. On request, we will be pleased to supply additional comments made by our clients as well as the references listed below.

adidas AG — Roland Auschel, Chief Sales Officer, adidas Group:

“After years of close collaboration with Leopold Hüffer, his assessments have become the benchmark for accuracy and reliability in this complex field for us. We are glad to cooperate with the team of Hüffer AG in the areas of talent identification and career development and have always found the collaboration and services provided ‘top of the league’.”

adidas AG — Markus Ruh, Director Human Resources Area Central (16 countries in central Europe):

“The professional assessments conducted by Hüffer AG as an inherent part of our senior management selection and career planning make a significant contribution to the objectification, comparability and thus the reliability of our staffing decisions. As a result, there have been reductions both in direct recruitment costs as well as in all indirect subsequent costs. In addition, the results of the assessments conducted by Hüffer AG enable us to specify the development measures for our executives and to orient them towards their actual individual requirements. We are pleased to work with such a competent and flexible business partner as Hüffer AG.”

Pregis — Børge Kvamme, President Specialty Division, Pregis:

“What makes Hüffer AG’s service so special is the exceptionally valuable discussion of the results of an assessment with the participant.”

SuSE Linux AG / Novell Inc. — Richard Seibt, CEO of the Open Source Business Foundation and former CEO and. President EMEA:

“Hüffer AG has done it: with your services – Hüffer Top Executive Assessments and Coaching – the efficiency of our top executives has measurably increased to a major degree – and cooperation in our management team has been substantially improved. It has been a major contributing factor to our being perfectly positioned both in the market and internally for the successful sale of SuSE Linux AG to Novell. The trouble-free integration of the company has been due in no small way to the proactive support provided by Hüffer AG.”

MIGROS-Genossenschaftsbund — Dr. Ernst Dieter Berninghaus, member of the Directorate-General and Head of the Trade Department:

“Hüffer AG offers a tailor-made customer service, adapts its assessments sensitively to corporate requirements and hits the button with its reports.”

Emmi Group — Urs Riedener, Chief Executive Officer:

“As the CEO of the Emmi Group, I received a very good assessment and a thorough insight into our candidates from Hüffer AG – together with a high level of detail on individual aspects and valuable hints for development areas. This is top quality indeed!”

Hans J. Löliger, board member of various companies worldwide (Bühler Holding AG, Crown Holdings, Inc. Philadelphia <NYSE: cck>, Franke Artemis Holding AG, List Holding AG, Fritz Meyer Holding AG, Winter Holding AG):

“Throughout my career, I have worked with assessors on different continents. But I have never received anything from anyone that came close to the in-depth appraisals that I have received from Dr. Hüffer and Hüffer AG. And this quality of assessments is precisely what we need nowadays when recruiting executives for our companies.”

The Rockport Company — Michael Rupp, Chief Executive Officer and President:

“After having completed a number of Assessments with Hüffer AG, we have not only significantly improved the quality of our recruitments but also found outstanding value in our career development activities. Assessment results significantly enhanced conversations between CEO and excom members as an agreed upon fact base had been established. The results were realistic development targets for each leader and specific activities to maximize the individual potential.”

Franke Artemis Management Ltd — Michael Pieper, Chief Executive Officer:

“We appreciate the direct, candid qualification with clear statements based on comprehensible principles.”

Canon (Switzerland) AG — Markus Naegeli, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board:

“A good assessment of our top executives – transparent, personal and with clear added value for all stakeholders. Dr. Hüffer incorporated the jointly developed profile definition into the evaluation criteria perfectly. The transparent assessment tools and methods are neatly combined and used with skilful focus. As a result, Dr. Hüffer has managed to gain a very holistic impression of the person. The reports, the personal communication to us and the candidates were of very high quality with a high degree of identification.”

Agfa Graphics — Moritz Rogger, President Central Europe:

“Agfa Graphics Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Eastern Europe) has had various assessments and coaching sessions conducted by Hüffer AG in connection with new hires and new executive positions. The quality of the approach was very convincing. The feedback from candidates was also always very positive. Cooperation during the assessments and coaching sessions was at a high and human level. What is more important, however, is that the newly hired managers have given us every satisfaction. We can well imagine further cooperation with Hüffer AG for further repositioning and coaching sessions in the course of the change process.”

RUAG Real Estate AG— Hans-Rudolf Hauri, Chief Executive Officer:

“The development of senior staff in a rapidly changing business environment is a key success factor. Training and coaching programs must be adjusted flexibly to meet the requirements of the tasks as well as the prerequisites that a candidate offers. Dr. Hüffer and his team offer a comprehensive, holistic process ranging from assessments to the coaching of key people. I never cease to be amazed by their effectiveness and sustainability every time. This satisfaction is especially enhanced in that the beneficiaries of coaching have developed very positively not only in professional but also in personal terms.”