Hüffer Top Executive Assessments: Methods

Assessment methods that can be used in many ways are merely tools, i.e. aids. However, they would be less meaningful without the human assessment skills of experienced business psychologists working professionally as assessors and previous line managers. This explains why very similar methods are frequently used yet the quality, depth, accuracy and relevance of the interpretation vary.

Hüffer AG’s clients repeatedly confirm that the accuracy of the result and the precision of the analysis are unparalleled. This is not merely attributable to the assessors’ high degree of experience but also stems from our voluntary refusal to accept first impressions and our insistence on reliable data and facts for our analysis. The principles of a Hüffer Top Executive Assessment must be strictly adhered to. This demands a high level of concentration, a marked commitment to process quality and fairness towards all those involved on the part of the assessors. In particular, a genuine interest in the candidate is required – a commitment to actually wishing to have dealings with this person. Besides our high level of experience, Hüffer Top Executive Assessments use the following, internationally accepted and proven methods that we develop further on a continuous basis:

  • Online personality questionnaire (candidates’ self-evaluation) incl. checking for any contradictions
  • Linguistically and data logical management procedure at top executive level in the candidate’s main language (more than 30 languages available)
  • Demanding, bilateral management situation (role-play). What can the candidate achieve in a demanding management situation that is based on a genuine dilemma?
  • Biographical, longitudinal presentation of the candidate’s professional career and, if the candidate is open enough, possible information on personal situation
  • Several hours of structured interviews based on the ‘second pair of eyes’ principle, by which the result and the quality of cooperation with other people in the recent past are accurately reconstructed
  • Demanding company case studies with a management presentation. Criterion: assuming full management responsibility
  • Discussion of real business strategy challenges in terms of the job under discussion
  • Additionally, at client’s request: checking references

The same applies here: the goal determines the path and thus the methods used. Dependent on a company’s specific requirements, we select and design the most efficient method of procedure for determining a candidate’s personality features and skills.

The benchmark of the result is of particular interest for the client and the candidates themselves. For this reason, we compare the specific results of your candidate with a relevant sample of experience managers. For example, we can compare an Italian CEO with other Italian CEOs who have attended our Top Executive Assessments. Thanks to our participation in a worldwide benchmarking project, we can assign each participant in a Hüffer assessment to a group and compare results. This ensures that candidates and companies alike have a well-founded basis for a decision for further professional steps.

In addition, on reaching a certain number of Top Executive Assessments for a client company, we also develop company-specific benchmarks and portfolios.