Assessment and coaching
of top executives

When making staffing decisions – whether in recruitment or development – for top managerial positions (management board, supervisory board or board of directors, CEO, CFO, CSO and members of business management, area managers, country managers, etc.), a specialised top executive assessment will give you the certainty your decisions need for the future of your company.

Specific top executive coaching will bring out the best in your top managers. With the Hüffer Action Management you ensure that your organization agile master the challenges also in the future.

We can provide support with our three service packages

Top Executive Coachings

Our personal coaching sessions help top-level management to be superb managers in every situation, to satisfy the company-specific demands of significant profit and loss responsibility and to meet numerous expectations more than just adequately.

Top Executive Assessements

Our assessments pay particular attention to the demands made on people with significant responsibilities at top management levels in terms of performance and integrity.

For this reason, our assessments are individually tailored to the management qualities expected of a top executive.

Action Management

Willingness to change and the motivation to overcome challenges are part of an agile corporate culture.

This does not arise by itself, but must be actively designed and maintained on an ongoing basis.


Hüffer AG’s clients include market leaders from a wide variety of business branches.

With good reason since the most successful companies have long been aware that the secret of sustainable and continuous development lies in the hands and heads of their key players.

These assets can only be tapped into if the right people are assigned to the crucial positions and who continue to further refine their skills.

Nine-Phase Model

The nine-phase model of Hüffer’s Top Executive Assessment is a guarantee of superb quality in perform- ance and results. In addition, it also serves to increase performance transparency
and an understanding of assessments